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What is Edibot?

Edibot is a content creation tool powered by AI that will allow you to easily create product descriptions.

With Edibot, users have been able to reduce their average of 100 minutes spent on creating product descriptions to only 3 minutes. This means you can create 30 product descriptions in the same time it would have taken you to make one.

Main features:

  1. Edibot uses AI to analyze the images you import and automatically separates them into three categories: model images, color images and single product images.

  2. The interface is just as user-friendly as a blogging platform.

  3. Edibot comes with free templates, each based on a popular product concept (fashion, beauty, etc.).
    You can also use the available layout sets and stickers to create your own unique template.

  4. Edit your product info section (size chart, material details, wash care, etc.) without needing any design skills.

  5. With the machine translation feature, you can automatically translate your content to cater to shoppers around the world and grow globally.

  6. Use the preview feature to make sure your content looks good on both PC and mobile devices.
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