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Can I edit the design of the Review Talk Talk section in [My shopping] page to suit my store’s theme?

Review Talk Talk’s source code was created based on the default theme.
You can, however, edit Review Talk Talk’s design through Smart Themes in the My shopping file.


  1. Open the editor page for the theme you are currently using in either Themes (PC) or Themes (Mobile).
  2. Open the My shopping file. (File path:/myshop/index.html)
  3. Hover your mouse over the following source code and click on Open file.
    <!-- @import(/board/smartreview/provider/myshop_index.html)-->
  4. Freely edit the source code of the file that opens in a new window and save your changes.
Can I display certain reviews on a different page?

Yes. Start by adding the source code to the page of your choice, then add the numbers of the relevant reviews to the source code.

You can add the source code to any of your online store pages.
The following instructions explain how to add the source code to your PC online store’s homepage.

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