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Check-in campaigns

Creating a check-in campaign

Check-in campaigns are a promotional strategy that is effective in boosting store traffic and conversion rates. To create a check-in campaign, you need to set up a date range and offer incentives, such as points, to customers who visit your store every day during that period.

1. Go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Create campaigns.

2. First, choose how to start your campaign. If you select Manually for Start campaign, you will have to change your campaign status after creating it in Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Manage campaigns. If you select Automatically, your campaign will start by itself at 12:00 AM on the start date of your choice.

3. Enter your Campaign name and set Active dates.

The period must be longer than 2 days.

The period cannot overlap with any existing check-in campaigns.

4. Choose whether to count check-ins during the weekends in Count check-ins.

5. Select which incentive you'll offer to customers who are eligible for a reward in Incentive type.


To create coupons, go to Promotions>Coupons>Create coupon.

Coupons for check-in campaigns must meet the following conditions.

1. Issuance type must be set to Customer-specific coupon.
2. Issue coupons must be set to Immediately.
3. Validity must be set to Valid for.

6. In Issue incentives, select how you'll reward the customers who meet the conditions for your check-in campaign. If you select Manually, you will have to go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Manage campaigns, select a campaign, and manually issue the reward to eligible customers. If you select Automatically, the reward will automatically be issued to eligible customers.

7. In Issue incentives based on, specify the conditions that customers will have to meet in order to receive the reward.


Number of check-ins

This option allows you to issue rewards to customers according to their accumulated number of check-ins. This is the only available option when you are rewarding incentives manually.

Number of check-ins + Periodic repetition

This option allows you to automatically issue rewards based on the number of check-ins and a specified period. You can only select this option when you are automatically issuing incentives. 
e.g., Reward USD 0.10 in points for checking in once a week and reward USD 0.50 in points for checking in 20 times during the campaign period.

8. In Number of check-ins under Issuance requirements, you can specify the minimum number of check-ins required to receive incentives.

  • Check-in type
    If you select Non-consecutive for Check-in type, customers will be able to accumulate the number of check-ins required for a reward without any limitations during the entire duration of the campaign. If you select Consecutive, customers will have to check-in every day without fail to accumulate the number of check-ins required to get a reward. In this case, if customers fail to check-in even a single day, the total number of check-ins accumulated will reset to 0.
  • Number of check-ins
    Once a customer meets the required number of check-ins, their check-in status will change to Completed, and they will no longer be able to participate in the campaign. To check who has met the requirements of your campaign, go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Manage campaigns.

9. You can set a reward cycle when Reward incentives based on is set to Number of check-ins + Periodic repetition. Select the incentive you will give to customers who meet the conditions for periodical rewards.

10. In Check-in method, select one of the check-in campaign methods described below:

  • Receive a stamp
    If you select this option, a stamp icon will be marked on the calendar whenever a customer checks in.
  • Login
    If you select this option, customers will be considered to have checked in when they log in to their account.
  • Comment
    If you select this option, customers have to leave a comment on the campaign page to check-in.

11. To prevent fraudulent check-in attempts for Receive a stamp and Comment options, select Yes for Use anti-spam security code (CAPTCHA).

12. In Check-in messages, you can create notifications for various check-in scenarios.

Managing check-in campaigns

1. Go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in Campaigns>Manage campaigns.
2. Search for campaigns you created or look for them in the list.
3. If you click a campaign name in the list, you will be redirected to the editing page. You can then modify multiple items, including the campaign name and check-in messages.
4. After editing a campaign, click Save.

Updating the campaign status

You can change the status of the campaigns that you decided to start manually. You can also change the status of the campaigns that are in progress or completed.

  1. Go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Manage campaigns and select a campaign.
  2. Click Change status.
  3. Select a status.
  4. Click Change to update the campaign status.

Issuing incentives manually

  1. To issue incentives manually, go to Promotions>Campaigns>Check-in campaigns>Manage campaigns. Then click Details in the Number of participants column on the campaign.
  2. Search for eligible customers and issue points or coupons by clicking the reward button in the Issue/Recapture column.
  3. In the pop-up window, input how many points you want to issue or select a coupon.
  4. Click Confirm.


You can also recapture rewards already issued. To recapture rewards, select the Recapture option in the Issue/Recapture pop-up window.

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