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Coupon settings

Configure your store's coupon settings under this menu.

You can configure both your coupon's general settings and customize their design.

Coupon settings

  1. Go to Promotions>Coupons>Settings.
  2. Select Yes for Enable coupons.
  3. Choose the coupon type you want to enable at checkout in Allowed coupon type at checkout.
  4. If you select Yes for Allow using points with coupons, customers can use both points and coupons at checkout.
  5. In Allow using customer level based-discounts with coupons, choose whether to allow customers to use their coupons along with customer level-based discounts or restrict their use of customer-level based discounts when using coupons.
  6. If you select Yes for Allow using product coupons and checkout coupons together, both product coupons and checkout coupons become applicable at checkout.
  7. In Auto-restore coupons, select whether and when to restore a coupon when a customer makes a cancellation/return/exchange request. Note that auto-restoration is not possible for partial cancellations and refunds.
  8. In Limit number of uses, enter the maximum number of coupons customers can use in each situation.
  9. In Allow additional coupons, choose whether to allow customers to add specific coupons to their order, regardless of whether they have reached the maximum number of coupons you set in Limit number of uses. Note that you can add up to 5 product/checkout coupons, and customers can only select one of each.

When creating coupons

  • Make sure you select Yes for Enable coupons if you want to offer coupons to your customers. Coupons are not automatically issued once created.
  • When limiting the number of uses per coupon
  • Keep in mind that if you do not limit the number of uses, customers can use coupons indefinitely and get a greater discount than you originally intended.

When allowing additional coupons

  • You can only add coupons that are currently active or have been created less than a year ago.
  • However, coupons that have not yet been redeemed by customers can be set as additional coupons regardless of their status or creation date.
  • Once you delete coupons that have not been redeemed by customers, they will no longer be available as additional coupons.

Coupon display and themes

Choose whether to show your coupons to guest shoppers on product details pages and customize your coupons' design.

Creating coupons

Create various types of coupons for your customers, including product discount coupons, checkout coupons, shipping discount coupons, points coupons, and more.


Issuance type 

  • Customer-specific coupon: Issue coupons to the customer(s) of your choice.
  • Auto-issued coupon: Create coupons that are auto-issued to customers when they meet the conditions you configured.
  • Downloadable coupon: Create coupons that your customers can directly download from your store.

Coupon type

  • Checkout coupons can be used when a customer buys products eligible for coupon discounts together with non-eligible products. However, discounts will apply only to the eligible products.
  • Product coupons can be used only for coupon-applicable products.

Base amount for issuance

  • Select whether to include non-coupon discounts for the minimum purchase amount required to use coupons.
  • Total before discount: ∑[{(Price±Extra charges) * Number of items}]
  • Total after discount: ∑[{(Price±Extra charge) * Number of items}] - All discounts
    * Coupon discounts are not included in the discounts here.

Display settings

  • Choose whether to display downloadable coupons on your product details pages.

Additional settings

  • Use popups to notify customers that a new coupon is available when they log in or send email notifications.

Discount coupons/Points coupons

Incentive type

Choose among multiple incentive types for your coupons, including discounts by fixed amount, discounts by percentage, points by amount, points by percentage, shipping fee discounts, and immediate point rewards.

  • Discount by amount/percentage: Choose a specific discount amount or a discount rate. If you select Discount by percentage, you can use the Truncation feature to specify where you want to truncate the resulting amount and limit the maximum discount amount.
  • Points by amount/percentage: Choose how many points you want to issue or set an issuance rate. If you select Points by percentage, you can use the Truncation feature to specify where you want to truncate the resulting amount and limit the maximum reward amount.

There are two types of shipping fee discounts: Shipping fee discounts and Discounts on all shipping fees.

  • Shipping fee discounts allow customers to get a discount on the default shipping fee.
  • Discounts on all shipping fees allow customers to get a discount on default shipping fees, supplier shipping fees, and per-product shipping fees.

Applying discounts on regional surcharges

You can choose whether to include regional surcharges in the amount eligible for the two types of shipping fee discounts.

Issued coupons

Issue and check the coupons you created for your online store.

Search coupons

  • Search for coupons that you have created.

Coupon list

  • Check the information of coupons you created and view how many times they were issued.
  • Issue button: Redirects you to the Issue coupon page under Coupons>Issued coupons. From that page, you can specify Customer eligibility and conditions then issue the coupon.
  • Details button (Details column): Redirects you to the Manage issued coupons page under Coupons>Issued coupons. From that page, you can check issuance and usage details.
  • Duplicate button (Settings column): Redirects you to the Create coupon page under Coupons. The same settings as the coupon you duplicated will automatically be selected.
  • Details button (Log column): Opens a pop-up window in which you can find issuance logs, details on the number of times the coupon was issued and who issued it.
  • Duplicate button (URL column): Allows you to copy the download URL for the selected coupon. This button will only appear for downloadable coupons.
  • Bulk manage button: Opens a pop-up window through which you can issue coupons in bulk, or recapture them in bulk.

Deleting coupons

You can use the Delete button or Delete permanently button to delete coupons.

  • Delete button: Deletes the selected coupon(s), but those issued to customers will not be recaptured. Shoppers can still freely redeem the coupon if they received it before it was deleted in your admin page.
  • Delete permanently button: Deletes the selected coupon(s) and recaptures those that were issued to customers. Use this feature with caution.
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