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Customers with purchase history

You can manage data related to customers who have a purchase history separately from customer data and order data.

Take a look at the difference between your results for customers with a purchase history, customers with no purchase history, and flagged users to understand the characteristics of each consumer group.

You can understand the buying behavior of major customers by looking at their purchase amount and number of purchases.

Searching for customers with a purchase history

  1. Go to Customers>Manage customers>Customers with purchase history.
  2. Search for customers based on their customer level, payment method, purchase period and other available criteria.


  • Order total (before discount)
    The total order amount regardless of order status. (Product price x Quantity) + Shipping fee
  • Total amount paid
    The actual amount paid by the customer over all their orders. Canceled orders and the amount paid in points or other alternative payment methods are not included in this figure.
  • Number of orders
    The total number of orders regardless of order status. Unpaid orders, partial cancellations or exchanges, and canceled or returned orders are all included in the total.
  • Number of orders (excluding cancellations)
    Cancellations (cancellations before payment and canceled or returned orders) are not included in this figure.
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