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When do I need to cancel orders?

You will need to cancel orders in the following situations:

  • When a customer cancels their order before it is delivered. (If the order status is already in In transit or Delivered, you have to process the request as a return.)
  • When you are unable to ship out products because they are either sold out or defective, or because the selected area is not available for shipping.


Requesting cancellations

Customers can request to cancel their order before shipment using the following options:

1) Contacting you via the contact information on your website

  • Customers will contact you via the contact information you entered for Customer Support in My Store > General > Store profile.
  • Follow the steps in Accepting cancellations below to proceed with requests.

2) Submitting cancellation requests from the My Account menu on your store

  • You can configure your settings to allow customers to directly place cancellation request.


Accepting cancellations

Follow the steps below to process cancellation requests placed by customers from the My Account menu on your store.

  • Search the relevant order in Orders > Fulfillment > Cancellations/Exchanges/Returns/Refunds > Cancellations.
  • Orders for which a customer has placed a cancellation request are marked as Cancellation requested [Customer]. Click the Proceed button for the order of your choice to move forward with the cancellation process.
  • Click Accept cancellation request and enter the reason and refund method.

Follow the steps below to process cancellations that were requested by customers via your contact information or orders that need to be canceled due to business-related issues.

  • Search the order you wish to cancel in Orders > Fulfillment > All orders and click its order number to open the Order details pop-up window. 
  • Click Cancel to proceed with the cancellation.
  • In the new window, select the order you want to cancel and click Accept cancellation request.
  • Enter the reason and refund method, and click OK.


Completing cancellations

You must fully refund the order to allow its order status to change from Cancellation in progress to Canceled.
Cancellations that do not require refunds will automatically be marked as Canceled.
(i.e., For $0 orders or orders fully paid in points and/or credits)

For more details, please refer to our guide on Refunds.


Undoing cancellations

Sometimes, customers change their mind and want to undo their cancellation request once it is already in progress or canceled. (e.g., When they want to buy the same products again.)

In this case, you can ask customers to place a new order, or you can simply undo the cancellation on your end.

Preventing any financial loss when undoing cancellations

  • Don't forget to check that customers pay for the order again if the refund was processed by bank deposit.
  • If the payment was canceled by a payment provider, contact the payment provider to check if the canceled payment can be recaptured before undoing the cancellation.
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