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Home page category layout

Customize your home page's product layout.
Search products currently displayed on your store, add products to your home page and rearrange the home page layout.
Products will be displayed on your online store's home page according to the order you set in this menu.


Setting up home categories

What are home categories?
Use home categories to show a curated range of products on your website's home page. 
Add new categories to your home page through Manage home categories.

  1. Go to Products > Product layout > Home page category layout.
  2. Click the Manage home categories button next to Home category.
  3. In the popup window, click Add to add a new category to your home page.
  4. 4. Click on the newly added category to change its name, choose where to show out-of-stock products, and configure its headline type.


Module codes
Module codes are used when editing design source codes.
They are automatically created and cannot be edited. After deleting a module code, you will never be able to create the same one again.
e.g., If you delete "product_listmain_5" and create a new home category, "product_listmain_6" will be generated.

Editing design source codes

  1. You must edit your store's design source code to display the home categories you create in addition to the default ones.
  2. Go to Themes (Mobile) and click Edit theme.
  3. Click the Home page menu in the list on the left side of Smart Themes Editor.
  4. Click the home category you want to edit in the preview section.
  5. In the source code section, find module="product_listmain_ and replace the module code behind it with that of your new home category.
    - You can find your home category's module code in the Manage home category popup window.
    - e.g., module="product_listmain_1 → module="product_listmain_5
  6. Click Save and close the Editor window once you have finished editing your theme. 

Sorting out-of-stock products
Choose where to show sold out products within product categories.
Out-of-stock products will automatically be sorted according to your settings. Products for which you chose No under For sale will also be sorted according to the same settings.  

Auto layout feature
You can choose to automatically update the sorting order of products within a category. When you enable this feature, products will be sorted according to default settings.
To edit the settings, go to Products > Product layout > Smart Layout.
You can only use Smart Layout for up to 30 product categories.
This feature will be disabled after you click Save for any product category that exceeds this limit.


Adding products to home categories

Select a home category in the drop-down list at the top of the page and click Search. All the products in the selected category will be listed in your search results.
Click the Add product button in the top-right corner of the search results. In the popup window, select the products you wish to add to the home category and click Add.

  1. Go to Products > Product layout > Home page category layout.
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