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Shipping carriers

Adding a shipping carrier

  • Click the Add button in the Shipping carriers list to open the Add a shipping carrier page.
  • The Add a shipping carrier page is divided into two sections: Basic information and Additional information. Fill out the required fields and configure the necessary settings as below to add a shipping carrier.

Basic information

Add a shipping carrier by entering its name, primary and secondary phone number, email address, default shipping fee and website URL.


  • When you enter a shipping carrier name manually, you must enter a URL for tracking shipment to allow your customers to track their orders with tracking numbers (e.g., http://Package tracking URL?Parameter={{tracking_number}}).
  • If a shipping carrier does not have a primary phone number, enter a random number to proceed with the shipping carrier registration.


Additional information

You can set shipping rates by shipping carrier.

Shipping fee criteria

You can choose the base upon which the purchase amount set in Shipping fee is calculated. This setting is only applied when the shipping method is set as Customer preference.

Before discount, based on regular price (Recommended)

  • The shipping fee is calculated based on the product subtotal before any discounts are applied.

Based on paid amount, after discounts

  • The shipping fee is calculated based on the discounted subtotal.
  • Note that product discounts and checkout discounts are applied, but shipping fee discounts are not included in this rule.
  • Points or credits used as alternative payment methods are also excluded from this rule.


Managing shipping carriers

You can check the information of shipping carriers added to the list.
To set a default shipping carrier, select a checkbox and click Set as default.
To delete a shipping carrier, select a checkbox and click Delete.


  • Shipping carriers added on this page will be displayed as available shipping carriers in Orders>Preparing for shipment>Shipping label. The default shipping carrier will be labeled as Default.
  • Direct shipping (shipped by seller) cannot be deleted.


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