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Business information

The information specified in this section is displayed on your storefront. Make sure the information you enter is correct and you fill in all required fields.

  1. To update your Business information, go to My Store>General>Store profile.
  2. Enter your business registration number in Business Registration Number.
  3. Enter your registered business name in Company name and the business owner's name in Business owner.
  4. In Business type, enter the name of the industry in which the products you sell fit and, in Business item, enter the type of products you sell.
  5. Enter the address of your main office in Company address.
  6. Enter the phone number that you will use to accept customer calls in Phone.
  7. In Reply-to email, enter the email address you will use to receive notifications when customers create their account or place orders.
  8. In Sender email, enter the email address that is shown to your customers when they receive correspondence from you in relation to their account or orders.
  9. Enter your primary domain (URL) in Online store URL.
  10. Write about your business in the Description section under Company information. You can introduce your company values, explain what type of products you sell, etc.
  11. Upload a map image that contains your office location in Directions.
  12. Add your customer support contact details if you have any ready in the Customer Support section.
  13. In Service inquiry, you can add service inquiry details for your product detail pages. This will be displayed in the service inquiry section on every product details page.
    If you select Yes for Display on mobile, your service inquiry details will also be displayed at the bottom of product details pages on your store's mobile website.

Send-to email and Sender email

  • Your default sender email will be set as "".
  • Note that if you use a web portal email address such as Gmail, your emails may be categorized as spam.
    (We recommend that you use the default email addresses provided.)
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