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SSL certificates

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a technology that encrypts data sent between a server and a browser.

This encryption technology helps to safeguard any sensitive data by preventing hackers from reading it.

When a website is secured by an SSL certificate, its address starts with https:// instead of http://.


SSL settings

Generating a CSR

You can create SSL certificates to secure your store and domains.
Go to My Store>General>Domain and click Free SSL installations.
You must generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to create an SSL certificate.
You must have an SSL certificate to secure links to your online store.

Renewing SSL certificates

The validity of a free SSL certificate is 90 days and it automatically renews before the expiration date.

An SSL certificate does not renew automatically when:

  1. Your store is inactive or has been deleted
  2. Your domain has expired
  3. Your DNS server is not hosted by Cafe24
  4. One of your SSL-secured domains (including sub-domains) cannot be accessed

If one of your SSL certificates is not automatically renewed, check the relevant domain and go to My Store>General>Domain to renew it manually..

SSL certificate scope

Cafe24 issues SSL certificates free of charge for pages that deal with sensitive information, such as the login, signup, and checkout pages.

SSL certificates are not issued for the default domain. You can only create SSL certificates for the domains you have added yourself.

You must generate an additional CSR to create SSL certificates for the domains added after the first issuance of SSL certificates.

You need to modify external scripts inserted into theme files and links connected to HTTP after installing SSL certificates.


  • Under the Certificate Issuance Policy, the CSR for certain domains may be rejected. The status of rejected requests will be marked as "Invalid domain name signature has been detected" in the Manage certificates page.
  • To obtain an SSL certificate, the domain’s DNS server must be hosted by Cafe24. If it is not, change the host of your DNS server to Cafe24 and allow for 48 hours to past before creating an SSL certificate.

How to display images using HTTPS after installing SSL certificates

  1. Ensure that all third-party scripts are using HTTPS before embedding them to your store’s themes or pages. Visit the third-party websites and confirm that their scripts are using HTTPS.
    If you access a page using HTTPS, contents connected to HTTP may not be displayed properly.
  2. If third-party scripts do not use HTTPS, upload them via FTP and convert them to URLs that support HTTPS.
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