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Default domain

A domain is an address that people use to search for and access your online store.
You will receive a default domain once you create an online store on Cafe24.

You can manage your store domains in My store>General>Domain.

What is a default domain?

Your default domain will use the format "" and the default domains of localized stores will follow the format ""
You can also purchase domains through Cafe24 or connect up to two custom domains to your store.

Three good reasons to replace the default domain (

  1.  Exposing your store ID may lead to security issues
    If you use the default domain, your admin ID, which is the same as your store ID, will be exposed to other users. This can make your store vulnerable to certain types of hacking attacks, such as credential stuffing. If Cafe24 detects unusual sign-in attempts such as brute force attacks, we will block the IDs used. This is why we recommend that you replace the default domain with a new one that does not contain your user ID.
  2. You cannot add more servers and web accelerators
    You cannot install more web accelerators without a primary domain. We recommended that you purchase a primary domain if possible.
  3. You may have difficulty responding to traffic hikes
    Cafe24 monitors your online store regularly to ensure that we offer you a seamless service, even during any events or promotional campaigns. We prepare your online store for traffic hikes by installing more servers. However, if you use the default domain, users will not connect to the added servers or web accelerators, but direclty to your online store server, making it difficult to respond to high traffic.

Domain list

You can see the list of the domains connected to your store. If you have created multiple stores, click each store to see the domains connected to it.
If you do not have any custom domains connected to your online store, only the default Cafe24 domain ( will be visible.
Read the guidelines for Primary domain and Adding domains to learn more.

Deleting your domain

Select a domain that you do not use and click Delete to remove it from the list.
You cannot, however, delete the default domain ( provided by Cafe24.
You cannot delete the domain you are using as your primary domain, either. To delete it, set another domain as the primary domain.
If you delete your account and do not have domains connected to your store other than the default domain, you do not have to take any action to surrender your domain ownership.

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