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Storewide promotions


Storewide promotions are campaigns that are displayed on your product detail pages to notify customers about promotions and events.

  1. Go to Promotions>Storewide promotions.
  2. Click Create storewide promotion.

  3. Enter promotion name in Promotion name.

  4. Select Enable for Status. Note that Storewide promotions will not be displayed on your store if you don't set Status to Enable.

  5. Select the product category you want to display the Storewide promotion in Select category.

  6. Select where to display the promotion.
    a. Above product details
    The information on storewide promotion will be displayed above the product details on the product details page.
    b. Besides product image
    The storewide promotion information will be displayed below Buy, Add to cart, and Add to wishlist buttons in the product details page.

  7. Enter the description of the storewide campaign in Description. You can add images, videos, and hyperlinks, etc. to enrich your description.

  8. Click Create to create the storewide promotion.
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