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Automated emails

Automated emails are sent to customers, suppliers, and store admins whenever an action happens on your store, such as new signups, order confirmations, or delivery confirmations.

You can manage each of the emails sent to customers, suppliers and store admins under this menu.

Choosing which emails are sent to each recipient group

  1. Go to Customers>Automated emails>Settings.
  2.  Deselect the checkboxes for emails you wish to disable and click Save the bottom of the page.

Getting notified for new orders

  1. Go to My Store>General>Store profile.
  2. Check whether you have specified an email address for Reply-to email in the Business information section.
  3. Go to Customers>Automated emails>Settings.
  4. Check the box for Confirmation on new orders in the Admin column.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Editing an automated email

Editing the images

1. Upload the image you wish to add onto File Uploader.
(You can access File Uploader by clicking the menu in the top right corner of your admin page.)

2. Go to Customers>Automated emails>Settings.

3. Click on the Edit button on the right side of the email you wish to edit.

4. Click on the View Code icon < > in the editor window.

5. Upload the image of your choice onto File Uploader or select one you have already uploaded, then copy its URL.

6. Find the sources marked in blue below and replace everything starting from "http://" with your copied URL. (Except for the Japanese store.)

  • Korean store
    img src=""
  • English store
    img src=""
  • Chinese (Simplified) store
    img src=""
  • Chinese (Traditional) store
    img src=""
  • Vietnamese store
    img src=""
  • Spanish store
    img src=""
  • Portuguese store
    img src=""

7. Click Save.

Editing the content

1. Go to Customers>Automated emails>Settings.

2. Edit the content by changing the variables or the text itself.

3. Click Save.

Take a look at the available variables by clicking See variables at the bottom left of the page.
Simply input the variables into the html source code. They will automatically be reflected in the email.
Variables that have an asterisk (*) in their description cannot be used for the email title.

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