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Layout by category

You can change the layout order for each category.

Search the products currently displayed in the selected category and add more products or rearrange the order.

Searching for layout by category

  1. Click Products>Product layout>Layout by category.
  2. Select product category.
    a. Select the product category you want to change the layout for. All categories added in Products>Categories>Product categories will be displayed.
    b. If you wish to see the categories currently displayed in the storefront only, unclick See all product categories.
  3. Section.
    a. All product categories have three sections including Products, Recommended products, and New products.
    b. When you add new products to a category, they will be added to the Products section by default.
    c. Recommended products and New products sections appear on top of the Products section in each page. When you add products to these two sections, they will also be automatically added to the Products section.
  4. Search products.
    a. If you want to search a specific product within the selected category, you can use search filters.
    b. Select search filters including Product name, Product code, Product number, Display status, Product status, and/or Price.
    c. Search results satisfying the filters will be displayed in the list below.


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