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Regional surcharges

You can set regional surcharges for each country.


Setting up regional surcharges

Select one of the 209 countries to add to your list of regional surcharges.
When a customer selects a country or area name on the checkout page, the corresponding amount will be charged as shipping fee.

Adding a regional surcharge

  1. Go to My Store>Shipping>Regional surcharges.
  2. Click Add to open the Add regional surcharge window with the fields listed below.
  3. Fill out the required fields and click Add to add a shipping zone subject to regional surcharges to your list.
    • After adding a shipping zone, click Save to apply the updated settings to your store.
      • Country: Select a shipping country.
      • Shipping zone: Name the shipping zone.
      • Area name: Enter the actual name of the area subject to regional surcharge.
      • Regional surcharge: Enter the area's additional shipping fee.


  • You need to enter the area name used in the actual address to charge regional surcharges.

Downloading templates and importing data

  • You can import a list of regional surcharges via a CSV in one go.
  • Go to Regional surcharges>Add regional surcharge>CSV template and click Export as CSV to download the CSV template.
  • Please refer to the CSV file containing the country code list in Regional surcharges>Add regional surcharge>CSV template to fill in the template's country code column.
  • Regional surcharges will automatically be saved in your admin page once you import the CSV file. You do not have to click Save again.


  • Please save your CSV file with an .xlsx or .xls extension before uploading it.
  • The file will only be uploaded if all entries are correctly input. For failed items, please check the reason for failure, edit the data, and try again.

Managing regional surcharges

  • You can check all the regional surcharges you have added to your store.
  • If you want to delete any regional surcharges, select the regional surcharge you want to delete and click Delete.
  • Click Export as CSV in the top right corner of the table to download a CSV file containing all the information related to the regional surcharges you have registered.
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