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Payment settings

Display payment methods

Set up payment methods for your store. Choose which payment options you wish to add to your checkout page, their name and their display order.

  1. Go to My Store>Payments>Payment methods.
  2. Select Yes in the Display column of the payment methods you want to use among the list under Display payments methods.
  3. In the Displayed text field, enter the name you wish to use for the payment option on your storefront.
  4. Use the buttons on the top and bottom left of the list to adjust the sorting order.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


Display format

Configure your checkout page's payment options and currency format.

  1. Go to My Store>Payments>Payment methods.
  2. Choose between As text and As logo icon for Display payment method to set up how the payment methods will be displayed on your store.
  3. Select a currency format or enter a currency format manually. For manual inputs, the [:PRICE:] variable is required.
    e.g., USD [:PRICE:], [:PRICE:] points, $$[:PRICE:], [:PRICE:] credits
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


  • In accordance with PayPal's policy, you must use a logo icon for PayPal.
  • PayPal can limit your access to PayPal services if you do not use PayPal's logo icon.
  • Payment amounts will not be displayed properly if you do not enter the [:PRICE:] variable. Make sure that you do not omit or delete the variable.


  • Logo icons can be modified in Themes>Features>Icons.
  • The [:PRICE:] variable in the manual input field will be replaced on your storefront by the corresponding payment amount.


Minimum amount for payment

Set a minimum purchase amount for payments made with bank deposits.
You can set a minimum amount and choose whether to include shipping fees. For example, if you set the minimum purchase amount at USD 10 and choose not to include shipping fees, shoppers will only be able to use the bank deposit option if their total due (excluding shipping fees) is USD 10 and over.

  1. Go to My Store>Payments>Payment methods.
  2. Select what you wish to base the minimum purchase amount on.
  3. Enter the minimum purchase amount for bank deposits.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


Additional settings

Configure some additional settings related to payments made on your store.

  1. Go to My Store>Payments>Payment methods.
  2. Choose whether to allow purchases for zero-priced products. If you disable this feature, shoppers will not be able to place an order if there is a zero-priced product in their shopping cart.
  3. Choose whether to allow shoppers to use a different payment method for each product in their order. If you enable this feature, the payment options you have enabled for your checkout page will be available for each order item.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


Zero-priced products are usually not for sale. They are mostly used for informational purposes in a product catalog or as freebie items.


Points information

In the Points information section at the bottom of the Payment methods page you can find details on your store's point system. Relevant settings can be managed in My Store>Store setup>Points.




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