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Setting up themes

Themes on Cafe24 usually refer to theme templates on your admin page. When adding or purchasing a theme, you are adding or purchasing a theme template that can be used on your store.


Adding themes

PC Mobile
  1. Go to Themes (PC)>My themes>Saved themes.
  2. Click Add default theme.
  3. Select an Editor type.
  4. Your newly created theme will be listed in the Saved themes list.

Purchasing themes

You can find more than 20,000 professionally designed theme templates on Cafe24 Store outlink_icon.PNG
When purchasing a theme, you can buy themes individually for each supported language or purchase them as a set.

PC Mobile
  1. Go to Cafe24 Store outlink_icon.PNG
  2. Select a theme you want and purchase it.
  3. Your newly purchased theme can be found in Themes (PC)>My themes>Saved themes.


All themes are copyrighted. When a theme is purchased, licenses are granted once per domain. If you want to use a theme on multiple stores, please check the license agreement before applying them to your stores.

  • You can check for license limits on the theme's page on Cafe24 Store.
  • You may be subject to sanctions or disadvantages for using themes beyond their scope or violating the license agreement.

Refer to the Cafe24 Store Terms of Useoutlink_icon.PNG for more details.

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