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Edibot Themes

Using Edibot Themes, you can create your own theme even without any specialist knowledge by combining premade components. The default theme (which includes all of the main online store features) is provided for free, and uses a responsive web design that can be displayed and rendered on screens of various devices including PCs and tablets.

When accessing your admin page for the very first time, your store theme will be set to Edibot Themes by default.



Components are completed theme elements provided through Edibot Themes. You can change the placement of a component by clicking and dragging it to the desired location.

Components can be divided into two types: Regular components and components with additional features. Regular components cannot be changed and must be used as they are. Components with additional features have certain settings and/or features which can be changed. You can modify components with additional features by moving your mouse cursor over the them (PC) or selecting the edit icon when you tap on them (Mobile).

Additional features

  1. Adding images and links
    You can change the image in a banner component or add a URL link that redirects the user to the corresponding page when the banner is clicked on. You can use your own images or use an image created through Edibot.

  2. Selecting product layout
    Ensure that you have selected one of the home categories on your admin page so that it will appear on your component list. You can check your home categories by going to Products>Product layout>Home page category layout and clicking on Manage home categories.

Every part of your online store on Edibot Themes is composed of different components. Information added or modified in your admin page is automatically reflected according to the function of each component. However, some information might not be reflected in the components included in the default theme. In this case, you will need to use another component to include this information.


Here is a list of features that are not included in default theme components and the components you can use instead.

Features that are not reflected Replacement components and where to find them
Feature Page Component
Fax Home page Footer
Localized stores Sliding menu -
Wishlist icon


Home category

Option preview icon
Like icon
Add to cart icon


Enabling responsive web pages

  1. Go to Themes (Mobile)>Mobile theme settings.
  2. Set Enable mobile theme to No and click Save.


If you use Edibot Themes for you main theme, the Enable mobile theme setting will automatically be set to No.


Editing HTML/CSS

If you want to edit your Edibot Themes template with HTML/CSS, you can switch to Smart Themes for free.

  1. Go to Themes (PC)>My themes>Saved themes.
  2. Click on Switch to Smart Themes under the theme you want to switch.
  3. Check the warning notices and click Switch.
  4. Click the Edit button next to the newly switched theme to bring up the Smart Themes Editor. You can now edit your store using HTML and CSS.


  • If you want to edit a page that is not available in Edibot Themes, you can also switch to Smart Themes and edit it there.
  • Please note that switching from Edibot Themes to Smart Themes is irreversible and you should decide carefully.

Pages available through Edibot Themes

  • Home page
  • Sliding menu
  • Product category
  • Product details
  • Search products
  • Shopping cart
  • My shopping
  • Login
  • Product reviews
  • View (Product review)

Pages that are not listed in Edibot Themes will be covered in Common.

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