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Themes determine the overall look of your online store. It is recommended that you select a suitable theme that matches the purpose of your store and the products and/or services it offers as it will affect the overall first impressions of your website. You can modify your theme at any time and in any way you want, so don't feel pressured to get it perfect on your first attempt. In addition to the overall color scheme and font of your store, themes cover everything from icons to the spatial arrangement of page elements, like location of banners and how products are displayed.

Cafe24 provides a free default theme which includes all these features and elements. The default theme provided is an Edibot Themes template that you can modify and use according the characteristics of your online store, such as your store logo and product display method. You can also edit your theme by adding or deleting design elements and repositioning them.

If you want to customize your theme further in addition to simple image or location modifications, you can edit your theme with the Smart Themes feature. The use of Smart Themes does require some HTML knowledge. However, you can edit your theme without any restrictions. Depending on the circumstances and your preferences, select either one of the two editors (Edibot Themes or Smart Themes) to customize your theme.

If you feel that editing your theme is too difficult or you want to use a professionally designed theme, you can purchase themes created by professional designers on Cafe24 Store. Themes can come as free or paid themes. Examine themes carefully and check for all the included features before purchasing them.

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