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Adding domains

Learn how to connect and disconnect your domains. If you are using a multi-language store, you can also check the list of domains connected to it.
Default Cafe24 domains follow the "" format, but you can connect up to 100 domains to your store.


Adding domains

  1. Go to My Store>General>Domain
  2. Click Connect domains under Domains connected to your stores.
  3. In the Connect domains popup, enter your new domain in Enter domain and click Connect to complete the settings.

Domain rules

1. Domain names can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens.
2. Domain names can only start and end with letters or numbers. Hyphens cannot be used at the beginning or end of the domain name.
3. A domain that is not registered or does not have an owner cannot be connected to your store. Make sure you purchase the domain before connecting it to your store.
4. Buy a domain first before connecting it to your store.

Why you should connect domains to your store

1. A good domain name helps to promote your store.
You can always use the default domain ( provided by Cafe24 once you create your online store. However, this domain presents many restrictions. Using a custom domain will both help you promote and run your store.
2. You will need multiple paths (domains) that lead to your store.
 Create multiple domains for different uses and connect them all to your store.


Disconnecting/Deleting domains

You can disconnect/delete the domains connected to your store if needed.


You cannot delete the domain you are using as your primary domain. To delete it, set another domain as the primary domain.

1. Go to My Store>General>Domain
2. Select the domain you wish to disconnect and click Delete.


Common reasons for domain connection failures

  1. Domain does not comply with the input rules
  2. Domain is connected to another account
  3. System errors
  4. Domain is forwarded
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