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Can I add a “Track orders” menu to my app’s navigation bar?

You can add a “Track orders” menu to your navigation bar by customizing your design.


Related settings

  1. Open your admin page and go to [Themes (Mobile)>Plus App>My app>Design>Design settings (tab)].
  2. Select “Customize” for [Bottom navigation bar design].
  3. Click on [Add menu] on the right.
    1. Input the menu name of your choice in the relevant column. e.g., Track orders
    2. Add an icon for the menu.
    3. In the “Linked page” column, enter the URL for a page that groups all orders that are out for delivery.
      e.g., myshop/order/list.html?order_status=shipped_begin
      ⚠ This URL will redirect users to a page through which they can search for orders placed over the past 3 months that are currently in transit.
  4. Use the arrows at the top of the table to change the order of the menu.
    ⚠ You cannot change the display status or order of the “Settings” menu.
    ⚠ You cannot change the order of the “Back” and “Forward” menu.
  5. Click on [Save] at the bottom of the page.
    ⚠ The bottom navigation bar must include between five and eight menu icons. You can add up to three menus in addition to the five default menus.
    ⚠ To view any navigation bar changes, close the app and launch it again.