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Can I use Plus App’s services if I have already created a mobile app with another company?

You can start using Plus App by requesting to transfer your mobile app.


How to request an app transfer:

  1. Inform the developer in charge of your current app that you wish to transfer it.
  2. Go to [Apps>Cafe24 Store] through your admin page and search for “Plus App”, then subscribe to the service with your Cafe24 account.
  3. Click on [Contact] at the top of the Plus App page in Cafe24 Store and send us the following information
    1. App name (required)
      • English name
    2. The information of the previous company that developed your mobile app. (required)
      • Company name
    3. Current app URL (optional)
      • Google Play Store URL
      • Apple App Store URL
    4. Desired date of transfer (optional)
      ⚠ Your desired date of transfer must be at least 3 weeks after your transfer request.
      ⚠ If you do not mention a desired date of transfer, your app will be published through our services as soon as we have finished developing it and it has passed the Google Play Store/App Store review.
      ⚠ Once your app is published through our services, your previous app will no longer be downloadable.
  4. Once we have checked the information, we will give you an answer through the same medium.


Notes on transferring an app

  • We recommend that you request a transfer at least two months before your current mobile app service subscription expires.
  • We will start developing your new app once your previous app is successfully transferred. It will then take about 6 days for your Android app to be published and 12 days for your iOS app.
  • When you transfer an app, only your app store information is transferred (e.g., customer reviews, number of installs, rating, etc.).
  • Once transferred, you can no longer use the settings of your previous service. You can manage your mobile app through the Cafe24 admin in [Themes (Mobile)>Plus App].
  • Your current app users will simply need to update their app to use the new app you have developed through Plus App.
    Once you have transferred your app, make sure you ask your current app users to update their app with a pop-up or notification.
    e.g., “New version is available! Update your app to the latest version to enjoy our feature improvements.”