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[Facebook Channel] Can I sync my product information to Facebook Catalog?


Facebook Catalog holds product information about items on your store.
You can use information in catalogs to promote your inventory and business across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger.


With Facebook Catalog, you can:
- Create dynamic ads to show relevant items from your catalog.
- Tag items from your catalog in Instagram posts and Stories.
- Add products to your shops on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping.

Manually creating catalogs and adding product information be a time consuming and tedious task. With Cafe24, you can create and sync your catalogs all at once in [Channel settings].

Catalogs are automatically created based on the main categories registered in [Products>Categories>Product categories] on your store’s admin page. You can use product sets in various ways to suit your marketing needs. (There must be at least one product in a main category for it to sync to Catalog.)


Your product information is updated in two ways:
1. When you complete your [Channel settings] for the first time and your Catalog ID is created, all of your store’s product information will be transferred to Facebook Catalog.
2. Whenever a product/item is added, edited, or deleted from your store's admin page, the corresponding item will be updated on Facebook Catalog.
• There may be a sync delay depending on the network status.