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[Facebook Channel] What is Facebook Channel and how do I use it?


Facebook Channel is a service that allows you to manage all your Facebook-related services in one convenient location.

With Facebook Channel, you can manage Facebook-related services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, all through a single app. By logging in with your Facebook account, you can access Facebook Shops and all the various Facebook assets for free.


The following features can be found in Facebook Channel:

1. Connect
Log in with your Facebook account to sync Facebook Channel with your Cafe24 store and gain access to all your Facebook services.

2. Channel settings
Set up Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping, and access all the necessary Facebook business assets required to market your store on Facebook, all in one convenient location.
- Set up Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping
- Link Facebook Business Manager
- Link Facebook Page
- Link Facebook Pixel and install script
- Sync catalog items in real time
- Install Messenger Chat Plugin to store
- Link Ad Account

3. About Shops
Check out all the various features available on Shops.

For more information in detail, please click the link below 
: Guide for 'Facebook Channel' outlink_icon.PNG