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[Facebook Channel] What is Product Feed and how do I use it?


Product Feed is a feature in Facebook Channel that allows you to effectively manage products synced to your catalog.

With Product Feed, you can manage your Facebook Catalog more conveniently and:
- Manage products to be synced with Facebook Catalog.
- Add additional targeting data to each product.
- Optimize your Facebook Product Feed.


Using Product Feed

1. Configure Channel Settings
To enable Product Feed, you must first configure your [Channel Settings] in Facebook Channel.
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• This feature is not available for users using FBE 1.0 Channel Settings. Users must upgrade to the latest version of Channel Settings to use Product Feed.

2. Configure Facebook Product Category settings
Once you have configured your Channel Settings, you can match your store's product categories with the correct Facebook product categories in the [Facebook Product Category settings] pop-up.
You can edit your Facebook Product Category settings at any time in [Channel Settings].

3. Product Feed screen
Here you can view products linked to your Facebook Catalog, as well as their approval statuses, all on one screen.
- All: Products that can be synced with Facebook Catalog will appear on this list. (Active, Rejected, Not Used, Excluded) 
- Active: Products on Cafe24 that are synced to your Facebook Catalog Product Feed and do not violate Facebook's policies (and therefore not rejected) can be used on your Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, and Facebook ad campaigns.
- Rejected: Products have been rejected by Facebook.
- Not used: You can add or remove products from the Facebook Catalog sync by clicking the [Edit selected] button.
- Excluded: Products on Cafe24 that are categorized as not for sale and are therefore excluded from the Catalog update when the Product Feed is updating.

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4. Edit selected items
You can add additional data such as Facebook product category, gender, and age group to your products, and edit them whenever.
You can also enter product information in bulk using the [Bulk entry] button.



Do I have to complete the data fields for Facebook product category, gender, and age group?

By completing the additional data fields for Facebook product category, gender, and age group, Facebook Channel will automatically update this information on your Facebook Catalog.

I have a product that is categorized under multiple product categories in my store. How will Facebook categorize this product?
If a product is categorized under more than one product category on your store, it will be added to Facebook based on the first product category designated to that product on Cafe24 admin.